• What wheel sizes are offered by Lumarai Lexus custom wheels?

    We offer Lexus wheel fitments in sizes 17x8, 18x8, 18x95, 19x8, 19x95, 20x85, 20x10 in all finishes.
  • What is a staggered fitment?

    A staggered fitment is also referred to as a staggered application. Basically it means that you are running different sized wheels on the back of your Lexus than from the front. Usually a staggered Lexus wheel fitment refers to wider wheels on the rear of the vehicle, for example 19x8 on the front and 19x9.5 on the rear. Running wider Lexus wheels on the drive wheels means more grip on acceleration and from an aesthetic perspective, it means larger lips.
  • What is a load rating?

    A load rating refers to a maximum allowable weight that a given wheel has been tested and rated at. All wheels can be rated differently, for instance the wheels on a passenger car will require a smaller load rating than the wheels on a heavier SUV. A vehicle manufacturer will give a standard GVWR (Gross Vehicle Weight Rating) to each of its vehicles. This rating is the maximum allowable weight for a fully loaded vehicle which includes passengers and extra equipment. At that point each of the wheels is tested and rated according to the GVWR of all the vehicles they were meant to be mounted on.
  • What is an offset and why does it matter what offset I use?

    The offset is a vital technical aspect of your wheel and your car. To better explain this, Lumarai has put together a brief 101 video on offsets. You can also go to our wheel technology page to learn more about offsets.
  • How do larger wheels affect the handling and performance of my Lexus?

    The handling can be improved by running larger wheels on your Lexus. Generally larger Lexus wheels mean that you will run a lower profile tire and usually a wider tire. The low profile tire often performs better when cornering and braking, as tire roll is greatly reduced.

    Extremely large wheels are heavier and can increase braking distances. However, Lumarai will always endeavor to keep the wheels as light as possible without compromising the strength of the wheel.

  • What is the largest lip available on a Lumarai wheel?

    The Morro style has a 2.75 inch lip. You can see this wheel style here.
  • Can I use the original Lexus center cap?

    Yes. The Lumarai Lexus wheels will accept the factory cap. However you must keep in mind that Lexus has built several styles of center caps.
  • Where can I buy Lumarai Wheels?

    Lumarai aftermarket Lexus Wheels are sold throughout the world. To find a dealer in North America, visit our dealer locator. For other dealers worldwide, please change to the country.
  • What is the warranty on Lumarai Wheels?

    With regular care and regular road conditions, Lumarai offers a two year finish warranty on its wheels with chrome and painted finishes. Lumarai provides a five year structural warranty for wheels it manufactures that are structurally unsound because of a manufacturing defect caused by Lumarai that makes the wheel unfit for its ordinary purpose. Damage or issues with wheels manufactured by Lumarai that are not caused by, or the result of, a manufacturing defect by Lumarai are not covered under the warranty. Additionally, the following are expressly excluded from the warranty:

    • Lumarai does not offer a "road hazard warranty," so any damage or issue with a wheel caused by the wheel colliding with a pothole or any other object or debris will not be covered by the warranty;
    • Wheels that have been used in racing are not covered by the warranty regardless of the damage or structural unsoundness; and
    • Wheels mounted on vehicles with a load rating in excess of the load rating of the wheel are not covered by the warranty regardless of the damage or structural unsoundness.
    • Wheels that have been modified, repainted, or powder coated.
  • Will Lumarai wheels fit all Lexus?

    These wheels were designed to fit on Lexus vehicles. Of course we always recommend test fitting for proper fitment prior to mounting of tires, especially on heavily modified vehicles. You can also visit our vehicle fitment guide to check which wheels fit which vehicles.
  • Do Lumarai Lexus wheels use the factory Lexus lug bolts?

    Yes. Lexus wheels use flat seat wheels nuts. Lumarai is one of the only aftermarket wheels that accepts Lexus O.E. wheel lugs.