Lumarai Aftermarket Wheels are Engineered Exclusively to Fit Lexus Vehicles

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Exclusively for Lexus

Performance wheels by Lumarai, engineered exclusively to fit Lexus vehicles

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Lumarai wheels are engineered precisely to fit your Lexus

  • Our wheels accept Lexus factory lugs

    Our wheels accept Lexus O.E. wheel lugs

  • Our wheels accept the Lexus TPMS

    Our wheels accept the Lexus TPMS

  • Our wheels provide the correct load rating for your Lexus

    Perfect Lexus offset

  • Our wheels are hub centric for a smooth ride

    Our wheels are hub centric for a smooth ride

Lumarai makes aftermarket Lexus Wheels for the following vehicles

Lexus ES Wheels

Lexus GS Wheels

Lexus IS Wheels

Lexus LS Wheels

Lexus NX Wheels

Lexus RC Wheels

Lexus RX Wheels

Lumarai Custom Wheels - Built exclusively to fit Lexus

Why Lumarai Wheels are the best choice for Lexus Lexus vehicles have a precise and sometimes sensitive suspension making it extremely important that any wheel you put on your Lexus is hub-centric. Lumarai wheels are engineered to be perfectly hub-centric on Lexus vehicles.

All new Lexus vehicles today come with air sensors. Lumarai wheels for Lexus are designed to accept the O.E. Lexus Air Sensor.

Lexus wheels use flat seat wheel nuts. There are almost zero aftermarket wheel brands that work with flat seat wheel nuts. Lumarai wheels do.

If you want to use your original Lexus wheel cap on a Lumarai wheel that is also not a problem since Lumarai wheels can accept the OE Lexus wheel cap.

Lumarai wheel company has the luxury of designing Lexus wheels to look good on Lexus vehicles without having to give consideration to other vehicle brands. The result is the perfect looking Lexus wheel, built in the correct size and offset with all the correct technical requirements of a great Lexus wheel.

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